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Impact Report
CAST - Impact Report
Flaks Studios - Acertus
Flaks Studios - Acertus
Flaks Studios - Acertus

CAST came to us with only one month to help compile data for, and produce, its nearly 30-page annual report. The Flaks team dove in, talking to CAST’s employees to learn about the organization, its programs and the people it serves. With this research, we were able to develop an emotionally impactful, clear and organized narrative, emphasizing survivor stories and key testimonials from stakeholders, employees and volunteers; we spotlighted CAST’s impressive growth and advancement outcomes with bold iconography and instantly understandable infographics; and we delivered a report that not only conveyed high-level statistics but weaved a powerful story of its incredible work with human trafficking survivors. Our work was so well received, CAST hired us over the next several years on dozens of additional projects.