The LA-based animal welfare nonprofit "Heaven on Earth" needed a website makeover but did not want to draw down large sums from its annual operations and program budget, which is used to care for and to facilitate the adoption of homeless cats. 
In an effort to greatly minimize recurring design and maintenance costs, I created an easy to manipulate and manage page framework, which their in-house team could update and revise as needed on its own.
The design process was seamless. I developed a sitemap and performed a content audit. Working with an outside developer and using the feedback from a visioning session with the chief executive and marketing staff, I designed a new home page, along with interior page templates featuring custom iconography, distinct photography and a typography hierarchy that offers a cleaner and more modern appearance.
The organization now has a fully functional website that is welcoming, user-friendly and easy on the eyes, without incurring any ongoing content update costs. This met the organization's marketing and cost-containment needs. 
* Current site may no longer reflect original design