It moves the articulation of information beyond simple explanation and instruction to aspiration and inspiration. It invokes an emotional response. Whether it’s the particular product or service you’re launching, data or analyses you're using to educate and advocate, or a message you’re trying to communicate, design is what makes it memorable.

Designing is problem-solving. Each project is like working on a puzzle (my favorite hobby) and requires a functional solution that strongly resonates with your particular audience, augments your marketing objectives and advances your business and revenue goals.  Design should never be treated as an afterthought but it must be integrally woven into whatever you're marketing, expressing or selling.

Most freelance designers are hired on a project-by-project basis, working on a single report, infographic or piece of collateral without truly learning about and developing an understanding of their client's business, industry, chief competitors and key audiences.
I want to be viewed as an extension of your in-house team. To this end, I make it a priority to learn about your business, whatever it is, for profit, not-for-profit or government entity. And I do this on my own dime; this way, I come in prepared and ready to go at the outset with an assortment of concepts, techniques and industry insights that I can use to create better, fresher and more novel creative designs and strategies.

Whether your design needs have grown beyond the scope of your in-house marketing team or your business flow fluctuates from month-to-month, I provide ongoing, remote design services that offer the flexibility to adjust to your ever-changing business's needs.
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